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The Livable Low-Carbon City Podcast, hosted by Michael Eliason

A podcast that explores the stories, places, and people working to make our buildings and cities more sustainable, enjoyable, and humane – in the face of a changing world. Covering themes central to our work, and conversations on climate adaptive and livable cities – with a low-carbon footprint.  Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify – and most other directories. New episodes every Friday. ish..

The Urbanist Podcast: ‘Architectural Scrabble with Mike Eliason of Larch Lab’

Michael was invited on to the Urbanist Podcast, to discuss vocabulary around many of the themes we are leading with here at Larch Lab: mass timber; passivhaus; baugruppen; and low-carbon living in green ecodistricts with a high quality of life.

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WDET ‘Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson’: The Promise of Greener Homes and Cities

Michael was invited on to ‘Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson‘ on NPR’s Detroit affiliate WDET, to discuss mass timber; abundant housing with social housing, cooperatives, and baugruppen; and how we can get to low-carbon living in dense, green cities.

How to be an Artist: The Home of the Future

Michael was invited on the ‘How to be an Artist‘ podcast, to discuss the various technologies, standards and systems that are quickly being adopted in Europe but are still seen as a novelty in the US, including the German model of cooperative housing (Baugruppen), the energy efficiency standards found in Passivhaus, the emerging possibilities of mass timber and other decarbonization technologies, zoning reform and the key role finance plays in determining the shape of our cities.

Growing the Green Economy Podcast, Episode 6

Passive House expert and architect Mike Eliason joins host Conor Bronsdon on the Growing the Green Economy podcast, to talk about sustainable construction in Europe and the US, Passivhaus, mass timber, Industry 4.0 in construction, social housing, his plans for Baugruppen in the US, and more. 

Archinect Sessions Podcast, episode 119: Unzoning

Michael was invited to the Archinect Sessions podcast in March 2018, for a lively discussion with Paul, Ken, and Donna covering land use, Passivhaus, Baugruppen, and living a car-free life.