Virginia Explores Point Access Block Buildings

Larch Lab’s Mike Eliason was interviewed by Wyatt Gordon for a piece in the Virginia Mercury on a code amendment to allow taller Point Access Blocks in Virginia.

How allowing single-staircase buildings could change Virginia’s housing marketspotlights a code amendment put forth by a team of planners and architects in Charlottesville, Virginia. Gordon’s piece touches on how building and land use codes in the U.S. result in large, banal buildings that lack the community found in residential buildings in other countries. The article also discusses potential cost savings through such a provision, and how legalizing these buildings can unlock more affordable small scale development – something we are very keen on here at Larch Lab.

In a double-loaded corridor building if you have a three-bedroom unit it takes up the real estate of two to three units, so they become prohibitively expensive. Single staircase buildings offer a mix of units and a diversity of unit sizes, creating housing for various forms of living so that people have choices besides a single-family house or a one-bedroom unit.

Michael Eliason, Larch Lab founder

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