#ShowYourStripes Day

On #ShowYourStripes day we reflect on the effects of climate change on our warming world.

The climate stripes are an intuitive and simple visualization to understanding how the world is warming, inspired by IPCC AR6 lead author and climate scientist Ed Hawkins. Find your warming stripes graphic here.

According to the IEA, the buildings and construction industry is responsible for nearly 40% of global emissions annually. It is a sector that should be leading on decarbonization, but transformation has been slow to come. At Larch Lab, we understand how imperative it is to be minimizing the carbon expenditures in the construction and operation of buildings – this is why we’ve prioritized high performance building standards like Passivhaus, and low-carbon building materials for over a decade.

It is also imperative that we plan our buildings to be adaptable to this changing climate. This means that designing building envelopes and mechanical systems on cooler historical data is no longer adequate. We should be planning buildings for how they perform in a significantly warmer world. We should be ruggedizing against wildfire smoke, cold snaps and prolonged heat events. We should be thinking about how building layouts enhance or prevent cross ventilation and daylight autonomy. The lack of an active solar protection industry in the U.S. is also confounding – this should be standard practice on buildings moving forward.

At Larch Lab, we are committed to building a better world in the face of these challenges. We have the knowledge, tools, and network to realize transformative change. If you’re interested in discussing how we could collaborate on these issues, please contact us.

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