New Housing Solutions For a Warming World

Larch Lab’s Michael Eliason will be co-teaching a session on trends in European ecodistricts and decarbonization for the NewCities’ Masterclass in March, which will be focusing on solutions that address the housing and climate crises.

NewCities is a nonprofit organization based in Canada committed to shaping healthier, more inclusive, and resilient cities through meaningful collaboration.

Key themes of the series will include:

  • How restrictions on building in dense urban areas fuel migration and housing starts in climate disaster-prone regions
  • How ecodistricts and neighborhood-scale projects can deploy lower-cost, lower-carbon techniques and technologies such as passivhaus, prefabrication, and mass timber
  • How integrated development models offer opportunities to lower costs and energy intensity while increasing resilience and community 
  • How changes in housing markets and messaging might steer inhabitants toward more climate-resilient housing and regions

Eliason will be co-teaching w/ Seattle OPCD’s Acting Director, Rico Quirindongo. The session will review recent trends in European ecodistricts with an emphasis on livability, open space, and a strong economic and social mix – along with strategies for decarbonization and climate adaptation.

More information and registration here.

If you would like to talk with us about decarbonized, livable ecodistricts and planning for climate adaptation, please contact us.

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