Larch Lab’s Eliason to sit on SPUR panel for better housing

Larch Lab founder Michael Eliason will join SPUR for an online panel presentation on better multifamily buildings through the incorporation of Point Access Blocks (single stair buildings).

The panel will take place online, at 12.30 pm PDT on Wednesday, 14 June. Eliason will be joining Stephen Smith (the Center for Building in North America), and Ed Mendoza (Livable Communities Initiative) for ‘Stairway to Affordability: How We Can Diversify Multifamily Housing.’ Frances Anderton will be moderating, and the panel will be discussing how building codes shape circulation, affordability, livability, community, and the quality of multifamily housing. Go to SPUR’s website for additional information and event registration.

SPUR is the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association – a nonprofit public policy organization, focusing on urban issues in the Bay Area. This is Eliason’s second event with SPUR – he previously presented on Baugruppen for ‘Living Better, Together‘ on innovative housing strategies in 2017.

if you are interest in collaborating on family-friendly multifamily housing or decarbonized buildings – or discussing housing, livability, and qualities of urbanity that are severely lacking in North American multifamily buildings, please contact us.

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