Larch Lab to curate, moderate Passive House Network Conference Session on Ecodistricts

Larch Lab's Michael Eliason is curating and moderating a session for Passive House Network's 2023 conference.


In a world where climate change makes the simple act of staying home more dangerous, where excess heat leads to excess death, where storms can knock out life-saving power for days on end, and where polluted air and smoke leaks into homes in worrying quantities, Passive House stabilizes temperatures and protects indoor air quality, all while reducing and decarbonizing the energy we depend on. Passive House is an active solution to the health challenges communities are facing.

On 28 September, Eliason will be moderating the panel for, ‘The US & Sustainable Density: A Look at European Climate Adaptive Districts’ for the online component of the conference. The event will include presentations on car-light and climate adaptive ecodistricts from Verena Brehm of CITYFÖRSTER (Hannover), Yunshih Chen at BURA Urbanism (Amsterdam), and Lukas Vallentin of Architekturwerkstatt Vallentin (Muenchen).

At Larch Lab, we believe that Passivhaus is the most comprehensive means of mitigating the effects of climate change: protection from extreme heat and cold snaps, mitigation of air pollution and wildfire smoke, and a buoy against energy poverty. The 2023 Passive House Network Conference is a hybrid event. On 28 September, there will be a full day of presentations online. On 4 – 5 October, the conference will be meeting in person at Denver’s McNichols Civic Center. Registration for the conference can be found here. If you are interested in discussing how we can collaborate on climate adaptive buildings and districts, please reach out!

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