Larch Lab featured in Slate piece on single stair buildings

Larch Lab's Michael Eliason was interviewed by Henry Grabar at Slate, and was heavily featured in an article on single stair buildings and the problems with double loaded corridors.

“Eliason is the founder of Larch Lab and the lead evangelist of a small group of architects and developers intrigued by the possibilities of making multifamily buildings with only one stairway. And conversely, fed up with the North American standards that require most apartments to be accessible by two of them.”
– Henry Grabar

Just before the holidays, Eliason was interviewed by Grabar on the issue of single stair buildings and why double loaded corridors lead to inferior buildings. The quality of building components also leaves a lot to be desired – the most stunning high performance windows and lift-slide doors are made in Europe, and cost far less than products that barely comply with our energy codes.

Surprisingly, Seattle is on the forefront of the single stair issue in the U.S. and Canada. Single stair buildings offer an opportunity to unlock small lot development, for family-friendly and climate adaptive buildings. Read more on Slate.

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