Larch Lab’s Eliason to present at AIA Virginia’s Annual Symposium

Larch Lab's Michael Eliason will be presenting at the AIA Virginia's 2022 annual symposium, Architecture Exchange East.

Michael will be co–presenting with City of Charlottesville planner Lyle Solla-Yates, for the track titled, ‘Unlocking Better Design through Regulatory Reform.’

ArchEx’s description for the presentation, ‘After some background in zoning history, particularly in Virginia, engage in a discussion on comprehensive planning, zoning, and building code reform.

Using Charlottesville’s Comprehensive Plan and pending zoning rewrite as a case study, discover examples of creative infill designs to unlock historically R1 and other areas.

Learn why point access blocks/single stair multifamily buildings are uncommon in the U.S. but could present a solution to help address the climate crisis and create access to more affordable, equitable housing.’

The talk will be on 4 November, 2022. More information via ArchEx.

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