Eliason: ‘Throwing Shade at How Buildings Must Adapt to the Climate Crisis’

Larch Lab's Michael Eliason dropped another op-ed over on Treehugger, calling for a radical rethink in urban planning and development to make climate mitigation possible.

'Should our building and urban planning designs change in response to a changing climate? The answer should be an overwhelming yes. And yet, the North American AEC [architectural, engineering, and construction] industry as a whole has seen almost no change from business-as-usual development. One might think we are not in the midst of a rapidly worsening climate crisis. '

-Michael Eliason

Over the last few months, Larch Lab’s Eliason has been on several panel discussions, and had ongoing conversations with firms and jurisdictions to discuss how politicians and planners need to break away from unsustainable business as usual development, and rapidly pivot to new models of climate adaptive housing and neighborhoods.  The op-ed is a call to arms for the planning industry to rethink how cities incentivize housing that is adaptable to a significantly warmer world.

Naturally, it touches on several themes at the forefront of sustainable buildings: Passivhaus, active solar protection, social resilience through communal housing like Baugruppen, and Point Access Blocks. Together, these offer an opportunity to unlock livable, family-friendly, and climate adaptive buildings. Read more on Treehugger.

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