Eliason presented at NAHRO Summer Symposium

Larch Lab's founder Michael Eliason was invited to prsent on climate adaptive ecodistricts at NAHRO's 2023 Summer Symposium.

The way we plan Transit Oriented Development in this country is a not conducive to making high quality and affordable places to live. There is way too little social housing. Too much parking, with auto-centric buildings centered on wide arterials. Insufficient open space, shade, and blue-green infrastructure. Little attention to quality of life, and virtually no attempt to mitigate air or noise pollution through urban planning.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Last month, Eliason presented on the topic, ‘Envisioning Resilient Urban Futures‘ at National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)’s first Summer Symposium. The presentation focused on positive public health outcomes derived from car-light ecodistricts with abundant affordable homes – as well as the co-benefits of climate resilience. Michael also discussed the rules and regulations that prevent these very sorts of neighborhoods in the U.S. – including an anomalous building code preventing tall point access blocks.

if you are interest in collaborating on family-friendly multifamily housing or decarbonized buildings – or discussing housing, livability, and qualities of urbanity that are severely lacking in North American multifamily buildings, please contact us.

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