trees plus density

Eliason pitches Sustainable Urban Ecodistricts for Increased Livability in Seattle

Larch Lab's Michael Eliason gave a presentation for Seattle's Urban Forestry Commission on density and trees being necessary for a livable city.

On 20 July, Larch Lab’s Eliason was invited to give a presentation on how alternative housing forms and urban arrangements can increase the number of trees in the city, while addressing the housing shortage. Eliason’s presentation expanded on his 2018 piece for The Urbanist, ‘Trees + Density = Livability.’

The presentation was followed up by an interesting but brief discussion. You can catch the video on the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission’s website, here (the presentation starts at 28:30). If you would like to discuss how we could collaborate on planning and building climate adaptive buildings and neighborhoods, please get in touch.

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