Treehugger quotes Eliason on Smart Cities

Treehugger’s LLoyd Alter quoted Eliason in an article titled, ‘ Enough With ‘Smart Cities’—We Need Cities Done Right.’

The article touches on how we need to be building cities smartly rather than building ‘smart cities’ – a topic Eliason is well versed in. Previously, Eliason had penned an article for Seattle’s The Urbanist, on how simple buildings form the backbone of most walkable neighborhoods – either historic, or new ecodistricts. They’re more sustainable, require less embodied carbon, less operational carbon, are less expensive to heat or cool, and more durable and easier to maintain.

Here’s the full quote…

'Like the promise of fully autonomous vehicles, the era of smart buildings seems to be waning. I believe this is for the better. We have had the technology to build affordable, climate-resilient neighborhoods for decades. Today, we can design buildings that are incredibly energy efficient, meeting passivhaus [standards]; with adaptability and flexibility that open buildings provide; prefabricated and decarbonized with mass timber. These buildings are less expensive to maintain, less expensive to operate—and can be a key component of low-carbon living in high-quality neighborhoods. Instead, we have had decades of politicians ignoring the data on climate change—prioritizing gizmos instead of sustainable mobility, socially and economically diverse ecodistricts, and car-free spaces. If we are to seriously tackle adapting to climate change, it is these types of things we will need to prioritize.'​

-Michael Eliason

The piece also links to our report on unlocking small lot low-rise and mid-rise development with Point Access Blocks, along with a whole host of other things cities need to be focusing on in order to facilitate the construction of livable low carbon districts.

It’s a good read. More here.

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