Eliason heads to Edmonton to Elucidate on Ecodistricts

This week, Larch Lab's Michael Eliason heads to Edmonton, for a series of presentations and meetings on building more family-friendly and climate adaptive housing with Point Access Blocks and ecodistricts.

Better housing. More affordable housing. Better noise protection. More blue/green infrastructure. Space for trees. Larger courtyards. Until we start tackling those things - and layering additional aspects (hello passivhaus! hello active solar protection! hello homes that can cross ventilate! hello blocks with a diversity of housing types and tenures!) - we're just going to see same poorly planned status quo. Part of why Larch Lab was founded was to change that paradigm. We can't keep going on like this: Inadequate affordable housing. Expensive market rate housing that is sooo poorly planned. Neighborhoods that are not walkable. Zero climate adaptation in our planning processes. In the end it's mostly geometry. But allows for *significantly* more density, better urban environment, and much better public health outcomes as well.

f you are interest in collaborating on family-friendly multifamily housing or decarbonized buildings – or discussing housing, livability, and qualities of urbanity that are severely lacking in North American multifamily buildings, please contact us.

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