Catch our Passive House Network Presents Video

In case you missed it last week, the video from our point access block (single stair building) presentation for The Passive House Network is now available for viewing.

This was a fun discussion to highlight the livability gains and paths to potential cost savings & optimization of Passivhaus point access block buildings, as well as their climate adaptability and resiliency – over the ubiquitous double loaded corridors in the U.S.

It’s kind of shocking that these issues – climate adaptation, livability, multigenerational & family friendly housing – are largely non-existent, as they seemed to be common in discussions across a variety of organizations and governmental entities in Europe. The exhibition for the International Bauausstellung (IBA) Vienna – ‘Wie wohnen wir morgen’ (how we will live tomorrow) gets to that relatively succinctly. These are major focuses of the New European Bauhaus as well. Definitely things cities need to be discussing and focusing on.

If you’re interested in discussing baugruppen, livable cities, and multigenerational and family-friendly development, please get in touch!

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