Can building access be a powerful tool to address the loneliness crisis?

On 8 June, Larch Lab’s Mike Eliason will be presenting at ‘Living Together: Connecting housing, social well-being and resilience‘, a symposium hosted by Hey Neighbour Collective, Happy Cities, and SFU Urban Studies. He will be discussing how baugruppen and building access can influence community building, and mitigate urban isolation and the loneliness crisis.

The 2-day symposium is taking place 7-8 June, and is a hybrid event with in-person and online attendance options. More information and registration can be found here.

We are looking forward to the robust discussions about how planning can impact livability and community cohesion. If you’re interested in discussing this issue, or other issues around decarbonized and multigenerational, family-friendly community-led housing, please contact us.

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