Are Baugruppen the Answer to the Housing Affordability Crisis?

Over on Treehugger, Lloyd Alter picks up our pitch for decarbonized Passivhaus Baugruppen and other forms of community-oriented housing as a solution to address our growing housing crisis… our worsening climate crisis… and the loneliness crisis…

Decarbonized, Passivhaus Baugruppen can also mitigate so many ills of auto-centric cities (especially air and noise pollution, and the poor public health outcomes stemming from them).

“Looking at Eliason’s prescriptions for building Baugruppen, I realize the buildings he describes are all of these things [building at the right density (Goldilocks), the right height (around five stories), and the right upfront and operating carbon regimes (natural materials and Passivhaus)], adding in the issues of ownership and affordability, which is important in this time of an intergenerational housing crisis. As Eliason concludes, “The construction of decarbonized Passivhaus Baugruppen could be a win for all involved: green jobs, high-quality climate-adaptive buildings; comfortable living environments; low carbon living, and affordable homes.”

This is the way we should be building now.”

We could not agree more, Lloyd!


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